Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Hectic Friend and I

Conversation of My Hectic Friend and I about Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Eunice_8833: Hi Chi, how are you? Where do you work?
ChirylB: Bestfriend...im doing fine and you? No im here at the apartment where my Sister and His Husband Seaman Stayed
But keep looking for any jobs.
ChirylB: Unfortunately, there were no vacancy, there was an interested employer in London who was emailed me because i sent many emails! haha, hmmm...i think approximately 50 emails including to best jobs, He and I were talked he asked my skills because he is in need of a Computer Secretary in their Office. So far, im still waiting from his upadte and hopefully according to him he could decide this coming may.
Eunice_8833: Sounds Great Best, im happy for you if you get this job, let me ask you...
ChirylB: Ok go ahead.
Eunice_8833: How was your valentines day?
ChirylB: LOL, i was at my room listening to my favorite musics.
ChirylB: How about you?
Eunice_8833: Well, im happy with my New Boyfriend.
ChirylB: hahaha, your so...hayyyyy, is that your no.4 boyfriend?
Eunice_8833: hahaha, you got it...
Eunice_8833: What is your past time best?
ChirylB: I am working with my personal blog and friendster everyday wahoooo....
Eunice_8833: Oh, Finally you are a blogger now...for the past 2 years i told you to tried that things but it seems you did not interested, instead you are friendster addicted lately.
ChirylB: Yes you are correct, In fact i tried to do blogging when my instructor gave me idea on how to blog, there were many bloggers now in capiz. And guess what best?
Eunice: ???
ChirylB: I joined to SEO Contest called "Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009"
Eunice_8833: Really? hahaha are you crazy, when did you learned blogging? and now you are joining in this SEO Contest without any practices or experiences. I bet you will failed.
ChirylB: that would be fine, i want to try.
Eunice_8833: Ok well its up to you. I am keep working for the company of my dad, i want to be a blogger someday just like my boy friend he is good at internet marketing.
ChirylB: You so lucky to him, make sure that he can provide your needs. Joke. hahaha
Eunice_8833: Absolutely Yes, he is so professional.
ChirylB: Well Congratulation, BRB i have to go in St. Mary's, pssttt...please shut up!
Eunice_8833: haha, ok..take care best, regards to Ate Glenda...

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  1. good luck for your entry sana ma maintain mo para di bumaba..

  2. Congratulations.

    Parang ung nerve ko naiiba, can we meet one of this day. just pm na lang. Ri lang ko sa CapSU. :)