Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tariffs on Oriental rugs from Iran help business in the U.S.

The united states is starting to consider putting special taxes and tariffs on oriental rugs imported from Iran. These fine rugs have always been distinguished from machine made rugs brought in from China. The handmade rugs or iranian oriental rugs are considered by many to be heirloom quality carpets. The fact that they are handmade is only one distinguishing trait. In addition to this the wool that the rugs are made from is the best in the world. One of the primary reason the oriental rugs have a higher quality wool is due to the high concentration of miners found in the mountain streams the sheep are allowed to graze in. This land used by many tribal parties in Iran has for centuries produced a quality rug that is found in palaces around the world. From English palaces like Buckingham palace to the palaces in Saudi Arabia to government buildings here in the United States.

We see these fine oriental rugs in many of our movies we watch but now a large number of investors are buying these rugs from rug brokers like http://www.persianbijar.com before the prices go up due to political conflicts in the persian region of Iran. People like Borokhim's Oriental Rugs is able to brag that he has never had to lower his prices on any of his bijar, gabbeh and other persian rugs and with the market continue want to put money in assets that can appreciate in value he is surely not going to have to lower prices any time soon.

You can view some of his collection or oriental and persian rugs by going to http://www.persianbijar.com

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